Hello, new member and joining staff ^^

Hi there! My name is Nyck. I knew from the moment I saw this game on YouTube that I had to get involved. I first heard of it over a year ago, but after seeing a video on this game I decided to get involved in the community. I’ve also joined staff in the graphics team and can’t wait to get started here. Hope to hear from you all soon!


Hellooo! welcome to the forums, i hope you have an enjoyable time here, and good luck with the graphics!

welcome to the community forums!

Welcome to the forums!


(Omg someone needs to tell me how to reply with only 2 letters on a phone)

why the necropost lol?

Didn’t notice it was that long ago.

And to top it off this topic also almost automatically closed (introductions close 3 months after the last reply). I’ll close this thread now so people won’t perform thread necromancy on this anymore.