Hello people

Hello people, I’ve just saw the while thrive thing a couple of weeks ago and have made a few forum posts, not much else.

I am a teenager in England who loves coding and does it in his spare time.

I’m super excited for this and hope it will be completed

Once again, hello


Welcome to our forum, @Wilkotek!

Welcoume! I shalle treiy to colour and centre me writings four thine Englishe eyes, for thou art kowthe in sondry londes.

Anyway, hello. As always, I hope that you can help with the development in some way.


Um… maybe we don’t use dated, and possibly stereotyped jokes to welcome new members? Sorry but it kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe im being overreacty

But welcome!

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I see what you mean, maybe at least until we know them better

Welcome to the community, Wilkotek
We’re happy to see ya!