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Hola a todos justo ayer me enteré de un proyecto de un juego similar a Spore pero como mucho más énfasis al realismo,la seriedad y con más contenido ,me enamoré al momento de la idea,desde niño jugaba Spore casi todos los dias siendo la etapa de las bestias mi favorita, apoyo la idea y deseo la mejor de las suertes para que ese sueño se cumpla. Un gran abrazo al equipo de desarrollo por la idea ,la pasión y el amor que tienen. Quisiera contribuir ideas que pueden servir a thrive:

Diferentes tipos de pieles-escamosa,blindados, espinosas, venenosos, pelaje ,arrugada y camuflaje

Que no seas el único ser vivo que evoluciones,que los demás npc evolucionen también con el tiempo, eso agrega algo de desafío

Climas diferentes

Variedad de plantas para los herbívoro

Sigilo, manadas y la posibilidad de ser una criatura gigante(lo último no es muy importante)

Ciclos de día y noches, migraciones, y tiempo para ir al baño

Es todo lo que se me ocurre ahora ,un saludo y ánimo chicos !

Welcome to the forums, please note that we don’t really have any other language discussion areas than English here. So if you can’t write English that’s going to cause some problems.

What kind of problem ? I dont know speak english very good :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

Well, no one else is likely to reply to you. And you won’t be able to participate in any existing discussion threads.

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Google Translate will be your friend. and thats ok :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone, just yesterday I found out about a project for a game similar to Spore but with much more emphasis on realism, seriousness and with more content, I fell in love with the idea at the moment, since I was a child I played Spore almost every day, being the stage of the beasts my favorite, I support the idea and I wish the best of luck for that dream to come true. A big hug to the development team for the idea, the passion and the love they have. I would like to contribute ideas that can be useful to thrive: Different types of skins-scaly,armored, spiny, poisonous, fur ,wrinkled and camouflage That you are not the only living being that evolves, that the other npc evolve as well over time, that adds some challenge different climates Variety of plants for herbivores Stealth, packs and the possibility of being a giant creature (the latter is not very important) Day and night cycles, migrations, and potty time It’s all I can think of now, greetings and encouragement guys!


have you played the game yet? if you know how you can definitely make packs of poisonous, spiny organisms, migration isn’t implemented yet due to patch move things but you can do all that while having photosynthesis, infact if your prey isn’t big enough and you don’t have enough storage you might need to use photosynthesis, i also don’t know if the AI can use the pheremone organelle, you will be confined to the microbe stages if you want to have as much realism as possible but once 1.0 comes out the focus will be on the multicellular stages

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