Hello thrivers!

Hi there! I’ve been following thrive quietly for many years, mainly by reading the devblogs through reddit (always happy when I see a new one pop up!). I had another account on this forum and I probably wrote an introduction like this a few years back, but I was not very active and decided to make a new one since I could not remember my account details.

To be honest I’m probably not going to be much more active this time around either but I’ll try at-least :smiley:
I’m really thankful for all the people that has put in work into this project over the years, like many here I played spore and thanks to the imagination of the brain of my childhood, I enjoyed it very much. I still look back on that game fondly, but as I grew just a little bit older I realized that spore had a lot of lost potential and that the game was pretty boring without the imagination that had helped me in the beginning. Potential that I believe this project has.

Even though I’m not yet convinced that I’ll ever have the privilege of playing Thrive as a finished game, this project has been the source of a surprising amount of joy to me, considering how little time time I’ve actually spent in-game. I think that if this project dies in a year or two, I would be disapointed of course but still somewhat content with what it has already achieved. I think any game-project that can make me say that is remarkable and worthy of attention. So now when I heard that there is a patreon I decided to make a (very meager cause I’m a student) pledge and since I did that It would probably be fitting to try to be more active on the forums which led me to making this post.

Thanks to the team for everything you do, the fact you have come this far in your spare time on an ambitious project like this is remarkable!

PS. the existence of this project has inspired me to take small (small) babysteps towards learning to code.


Welcome back to the forums!

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Welcome, welcome. I think most of us are here because of Spore. When Spore was being developed, Will Wright had a design philosophy of making the game as easy to use as possible. He believed that everyone could be creative, but not everyone could master the available tools for expressing creativity. That is why Spore could inspire such imagination in kids (myself included). Thrive exists because of people disappointed by Spore. I think of Thrive like I think of Dwarf Fortress. It is a great idea for a game that will probably never be completely “finished”, but along the way much joy will be had. I think a game like Spore / Thrive could never be made by a big studio with a budget and fiscal years and so on, as this is too large and requires too much care to be made like that. As such, this open-source model is probably the only way I will get my dream game (i.e. what Spore was supposed to be).

Thank you for supporting the game financially! I would too, but I am too impecunious at the moment. Even if the project dies, we can at least have fun while it lasts. You’ll see it’s all a show, keep them laughing as you go, but remember that the last laugh is on you!


I can only agree, how well put!

On a side note, dwarf fortress is a game that seems very interesting too me, I haven’t played it but I have spent quite some time in Rimworld which is basically DF-lite in some respects

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Thank you for supporting us Poskmyst, and welcome back to our forums. I’m glad to hear you enjoy Thrive for what it is, and what it is going to be! Feel free to tell us what you think about the game and it’s current features in the feedback threads if you ever feel like it, it really helps to know what everyone thinks of the direction we are headed. I hope you enjoy being a part of these forums!


Welcome to the koomoonity foowums!

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