Hello thriving community!

I am Dragonly44 and usually go by Dragonly or Dragn (or any other nickname you come up with)

I am a student with my main interests in art and microbiology and a love for evolution simulations!
I would love to contribute to this community with my digital drawings and mediocre knowledge in various fields.
I am also interested in learning 3D modeling but my few projects there look still a bit… horrendous.

I see forward to great conversation and discussion in this Forum and community!

(English isn’t my primary language so excuse me for any spelling mistakes or grammar inaccuracy)


Welcome to the Forum Dragn!

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Welcometh to ure forums, fellow dragon priest.

“Ure” is “our” in Old English, according to https://people.umass.edu/sharris/in/gram/GrammarBook/GramPersPronouns.html .

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