Hello to everyone!

HI to all of you!
I’m Yuri, just Yuri, like Yuri, no other name, sometimes I use the nickname “YuriTheHenrique”, but mostly Yuri, I mean, it’s not like I did not have a alias, or nickname out there, I used some in my journey, but today I’m Yuri, an adult man… called Yuri.
Yes, I’m not creative at all.
It’s my first forum after years disconnected from the outside world, I used to like playing spore, and I’ve installed it from GOG for my kids and wife to play… I’ve discovered that game is pretty disappointing, so I was searching on my searching website that’s not Google, I don’t like Google, “spore game like evolution for linux” and I’ve found thrive.
Have I mentioned I’m a Linux user? not? well, I am… the minority of the world.
I just don’t like google, and microsoft’s windows… It’s not like I don’t use it, sometimes it is required;
This post is very bad I know, No creativity at all;
But I have found Thrive! now my life is complete… no It’s not… yet;
I like dots, three dots;
I found Thrive some time ago, three years to be exact, and yes, It’s my first attempt on communicating with outside life.

I’m Yuri;
I have kids, two;
I use Linux;
I’m not normal;
Kinda the person everyone ask "what is my problem… It’s a neural trauma problem I think.



welcome yuri! i hope you enjoy the forum!

welcome to the forums. enjoy your stay.

Welcome to the Thrive forums, Yuri!