Hello Universe!

(OverlordCthulhu) #1

Hello, This is ether my first time joining a Community for a game, or just simply I am always scared to make social with people.

I was hopping to join the development team, but decided not to due to the fact that I have a bad tendency to forget, wonder off, and usually end up finding myself someplace completely different, or doing something else. So in the meantime I hope to provide to the community, share ideas, and overall have a splendid time.

PS: I do have poor grammar skills, I know this.

(Thrive's #1 Ghost Knight) #2

Welcome! (and don’t worry, alot of us have crappy grammar)


Unliek gravKnight i hav amezing grammer skills

(Louix) #4

Welcome ! Dont worry we dont bite !

(The Goat Mod) #5

Welcome to the forums!


Welcome, we don’t bite but our species do so careful where you step :wink:

(Johnatan Darwin) #7

Welcome bro! Have a good time here mate :slight_smile: