Hello world

hello there, all! i’m A6 Paper, but you can call me A6
i became interested in the project through a combined love for spore, biology and discovering new creative tools to mess around with
i hope you’ll enjoy my stay! :laughing:


Hello A6. Welcome to the community forum.

Welcome to the Thrive forums!

Welcome! The community is great here, and I think you’ll enjoy it!

Be sure to read the rules in the FAQ thread, as well as actually read the FAQ.
Otherwise, welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay. Don’t be a dumb-dumb.

hi! enjoy your stay :wink:

Welcome to the hospice of crazy people.

Enjoy your stay.

heres my late Hola!

Dont listen to korominas. everyone here is perfectly sane. . .

enjoy your stay.

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Most of the crazy one just got banned

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i liked the 2 crazy people… :cry:

You may just be alone in that one.
Could be wrong.

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I liked the two crazy people because of how other people reacted to them.

Ah yes you’ve made that, insufferably clear

my friend who first made me aware of thrive’s existence said that the old forums had a lot of trolls and spammers. is that the reason it was shut down?

The spam was part of the reason.

I doubt that switching would have deterred any trolls at all.

There are trolls? I haven’t noticed any on this forum so it must have deterred something. (I was never on the old forum.)

Main reason was Korean spambots attacking monthly.
Part-reason was because of spontaneous polar bear assaults.

then the great goat thing of 19-something, where a situation happened which involved goats