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In my opinion, its not. In fact is a very cute pfp =3


But aren’t people sort of conscious since birth? Their brain just develops to the point where they can start to express themselves in complex ways. Like one of my earliest memories (when I was about three, though I’m pretty sure I have one memory from when I was 1-2) was me counting to one hundred in my head and being really proud of myself when I finished. That doesn’t really seem to be unconsciousness.

(Also the earliest memory I have (I’m pretty sure) is sitting in a car with an orange sippy cup).

Why would the eye-tulpa have disappeared in 2022? Also how exactly how does that work with only one being behind the eyes? Does the eye-tulpa relay the information to the rest of the personalities or do they see as well?

Again sorry if I seem overly-probing.

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generally tey’re just acting on instinct and learned behaviors until their personality develops

well first of all, it’s different for everyone, second of all, i have two memories from before i turned 4 but the first memory i remember having was of my 4th birthday. my memories from before that weren’t created after that but i got them after i woke up one day after turning 4

they were created when we started going to physical school and i didn’t really do that for the latter half of the school year of 2021-2022 as me and my family were moving so we did virtual school

after they got home from school they put any information they learned that has any chance of being useful into the soup, currently and ever since i emerged from the soup putting something in it has been the most effective way to commit something to long term memory. everyone else was just asleep during school, at least that was the case before the shelf incident and ever since then we’ve had to have one of us do school along with the school tulpa

i normally ask more questions when i find something new to me, it’s perfectly fine

Through extensive efforts, a Tulpa can be forgotten. However, they might become active if the human wants the “Tulpa” back.

So why do you think that you formed over twenty personalities other than your main one, while some other people don’t even have one? (jk you know what I mean)

So it’s like the severance? I never saw that show but I know the basic story hook.

This is a revelation that completely shatters my world view, now I understand how the characters in Lovecraft’s works feel when faced with the otherwordly.

I feel like you are about to ask if she could forcibly turn them into anime cat girls.

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Since they’re awake when the vessel is asleep, wouldn’t it make that a sleep paralysis?

no, they are not part of me and dawn’s system zenzone.

What am I then? What would you be then?

the resident crazy conspiracy theorist that isn’t a fish clown thing

You’re the crazy conspiracy

The wannabe slavemaster


I have a friend who seems to function similar to Dawn ,cant say if its exactly the same but it atleast sounds similar.

nah it’s more like they just wake up into a dream. they have their own bodies they can use in my mindscape.

oh i don’t need to do that, they already turn themselves into catgirls

quite simple really, i am very neurodivergent and i was that kid in elementary school who didn’t know how to fight back and everyone who wanted to pick on someone would pick on

Twice in the same day

Cat girls everywhere , everyday it seems

No, not at all.


How are you so good at guessing me?

that was a rhetorical question but thanks

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