✨ hello✨

i am dawn, i use she her, and i share a brain with willow.


Welcome to the Community Forums, fellow Thrivist! Also, what do you mean by “(sharing) a brain with willow”?


My best guess is that Dawn and Willow are the same system
Also, Welcome to the Forum!

Welcome to the forums!

Or maybe Dawn is their sibling?

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vineboom noises :skull: Willow is his sibling?

Her sibling. Dawn said she’s a girl, remember? She/her are her pronouns.


Hmmm… ok thanks for telling me.

Perhaps she just meant that they both share the same computer. Hmm…

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Ok maybe they share same computer.

aah31415 is correct


He is correct he is pretty smart.

Oh so that’s what he meant by “system”. I thought he was just joking around by calling both of you a system.

Wait you called them a system?

This makes me wonder, will there be more system elements joining forum?

I am sure there will be.

welcome welcome

to aout forume

i think

enjoy ur stay here

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Yeah let’s welcome him (your bad spelling don’t matter)

welcome! :3

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Ok sci0927 we all know to welcome him so… not out of the ordinary.