Love the idea of this game being grounded in science, spore was a real disappointment. I’m 2/3 of the way through my biology degree so I really want to play this!

But… (and this may be better asked elsewhere) I’m having a right struggle to get either the package release or the source to run/build. With the package I get libilbc.so.0 errors even after building libilbc and for the source build the svn repo is out of action (Linux X86_64). So, sadly I haven’t actually tried it yet…

Anyhoo, hi all.


heyo,welcome to these forums BOI!


I think the SVN repo has changed due to work mostly taking place on another branch. @hhyyrylainen should be able to help.

Yes, the old svn repo is down so building the master branch doesn’t work. Our latest code is in the engine_refactor branch, but that doesn’t have gameplay yet.

At least one person got it working by building libilbc and then symlinking that as libilbc.so.0 (the libilbc was built with a different name).

Hello! Welcome to this forum!

Welcome to the forums!

That did it, thanks.

Hi! literally joined the day after you (was my birthday that day as well, whoohoo) and we already seem to be having good experiences with it! (despite your troubles running the game)