Help me find a profile picture

I can’t find a perfect profile picture for some reason. I always just keep changing it over and over again, so I need one that can end this chaos.

“RoboRomb did you seriously change your pfp again”

“Did you seriously change it after my last comment? Just freakin pic one dude”

Though this does sound similar to BowlDawgs profile picture competition, this needs to end.


or in a few days

I can probably find one for you instantly if you tell us what you are looking for!

Good to know.

I’m looking for something that is somewhat science, thrive, and alien related.

Good luck

or something surreal…


How is this?

You may want to do some editing to make it profile picture friendly though :v

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Oh my…

I have a sinking feeling that this wont be the end of that…

It will

Just believe

I’ve basically now lost count how many profile pics RoboRomb has gone through. Now I have to check the username of everyone whose avatar I don’t recognize to see if it is RoboRomb.


I guess I have a reputation for frequent profile changing.

I need serious help.

Me to RoboRomb:


My only complaint is that you’re using artworks that are not yours. Right now you’re using one of Grom’s things, and that could cause some conflict because he has an account on this forum.

I understand that completely.

For some reason, I can’t find a simple image that should be so easy to find. I don’t understand why, and this thread shouldnt even exist. But here we are.

I’m gonna try me absolute best to find one today and just get it over with. Quite frankly, i’m tired of it.

EDIT: I think I might have found a few images online that might work as a profile


(submitted by BowlDawg)


EDIT 2: I found the holy grail


Alright then smart boi, stick widdit!

I will stick widdit you hermit!

Alright then, show me!

It’s on then!

@RoboRomb u changed it!!!
And do u know species ARLE :eyes:

Yes and yes.

I naturally love evolution games, so I know what Species ALRE is.

U exicte for the steam water release ?

I don’t know what that is. Is it related to Species ALRE?