Help Required

So I just downloaded the game, and it seems like the format is not working with my computer. I can’t see a third of the game on the right side and a quarter of it on the bottom. It is almost like the video resolution is wrong but I checked and it should be right.
Can someone help?

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Have you tried all the resolution options, or played the game with fullscreen off?

I’ve tried other resolution settings(went through all the standard ones) and I’m ashamed that I Don’t know how to turn off fullscreen (or how to properly exit the game as I am missing a lot of the menus due to the screen issue). I’ve tried “F11” which usually works with most programs but it just opens a text menu of sorts. I think it might be like a Console commands thing.

You have to reinstall the game so the Ogre menu re-appears. Then, one of the settings after selecting “OpenGL” in the 1st combo box is called “Full-Screen”. It’s the fact that Thrive doesn’t have an option menu yet, so this is the only way to actually do it. The game can be reinstalled easily in 3 ways:

a. Official Thrive Launcher: Delete the files so the launcher will have to re-download them.
b. dThriveLauncher: Re-Click the “Download” button.
c. Re-download the separate zip file from the website and re-extract (or just extract if you have the zip already downloaded)

Basically, here’s where you find it:

Actually you can find Ogre.cfg in thrive/bin next to thrive.exe (with the launcher it is in launcher/installed/thriveVERSION/thrive-VERSION/bin) and by deleting that you get the settings dialog pop up again on next launch.

I’ve explained this recently way too many times…

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You should make a thread explaining how to do this and announce it. That way any one can direct someone in a similar predicament to that thread.

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Thanks for the help :smiley:

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Oh ok now I know.

Is that a super smash bros melee emblem in those radical shades?

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You know it. :sunglasses: