Hey gamers

Hello! I joined yesterday and now that I know that I won’t accidentally stream myself on the roof of a moving car by pressing the speaker button I feel that I’ve got the layout of the forum down pretty well. I am in school and I draw… jazz hands. I am currently making a piece of concept art for thrive (… is there a difference between fan-art and concept art?) and I’ve got loads other ideas that I could draw. Anyway don’t let me stop you from scrolling by!


there is indeed a difference between concept art and fan art

Fan art is the art of Creating artistic works for another project you are not apart of and enjoy

Concept art is made by members of the dev team for the programmers and other members to gain a better visualization of ideas, you are not making it because you like the project you are making it to support the project

An example of this would be if i were to be developing a game and i want to help visualize something i may Draw what i wanna help visualize (i suck at drawing and are actually better visualizing with 3D models then 2d drawings) but let say a guy named Johnathan Marbo came along and drew some art for my game but i didn’t hire him nor told him to do that he drew it out of his own passion of the project

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Welcome. Join the dev team and start designing layouts and such for people.

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Can I ask what you mean by layouts?

Always nice to have new people join, welcome to the forum!

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But I was mostly saying hi and saying if you join the dev team you could draw stuff for the game.

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