Hey I'm new, glad to be part of this community

I’m RandomNopeGenerator and i played a lot of Spore growing up as other people have mentioned so this game excites me, can’t wait to see it evolve no pun intended, if i have any ideas about what i think would be cool i might mention them, otherwise i might just post about the game as is edit i lied pun most def was intended


Hello, welcome!

Tips for being new

  • Double posting isn’t needed, edit the original, and give an explaination if that’s infeasable
  • If a new thread is needed, make a new thread. If it isn’t, don’t, ask somewhere else.
  • Do not mention underwater civs unless you’re prepared for logical fallacies and/or have read the whole list-y thing and understand how it applies to whatever you want to bring up (it’s linked in my bio I think)
  • Folks like me are often very negative sounding (you should read the old underwater civs stuff lol). I’m actually nice! You sound cool! I just like skipping bs, and knowing what not to do is a common sort of bs. Knowing what to do is less important and harder to know or explain.
  • You can say things like bs, or maybe FML, but not the actual words. Just say Belgium instead.

Anywho, we’re glad to have you! I hope you have a good experience, and stick around for a while. I’d love to pitch in on any ideas you may have (you seem to have made another thread so I’m gonna head there now)


Hello there!

Glad u can visit our (probably) humble forum!
i think u going to love the stay here

(and the tips are very useful that I wish more newcomers will know about that)

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Welcome to the forum RandomNopeGenerator!