Hi everyone! I just joined, and I really like Thrive

Hello. I heard about this game like years ago, but I never got the chance to play it, because my potato machine’s specs was too low, to handle it. Now I got a chance to play it, because now it can handle the 0.5 versions, and I loved it. This was the game I imagined, when I got Spore. Ok, I still loved Spore for what it was, but it was rushed. Very, very rushed.

And yeah, that’s all I wanted to say. Keep triving everyone.


Welcome! I think you will like it here, although development isn’t the fastest ever, its still going at a steady pace.

Welkum to the Komoonity fowums!

Fun fact: Did you know that on the SNES, Maxis published an adaptation of a life simulator named Sim Earth in 1991?

Greetings .

I know that development isn’t the fastest, and that’s perfectly fine. Overall, we all want a playable and fun game, and not a buggy, unstable, rushed mess. I always wanted to help development, but my skills are lacking. Chances are that I will try to translate the game to hungarian, but in coclusion, it is just a nice addition, and not a really beneficial thing for development.

I always knew that Maxis made these life sim games in the past, but I never known that they made adaptations of them. So, thanks for this trivia.

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Greetings. I wanted to write this reply with another color, but I write this on phone right now, and it’s very clunky.

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