Hi I am a new user to the forums, but not Thrive itself.(PrimumThrivium Introduction.)

Hello there, I am Primum Thrivium as my username may suggest.
Yes I choose the default race name in thrive as my username, but that is besides the point…

Anyways, I am a new user of course. You might be wondering some things about me.
Well my favorite animal is anything that is in the frog and toad family scientifically known as the Anura family.
I have Monkeys, Chimpanzees, gorillas and the like as a secondary favorite.
Then cats, both wild and domestic as a close third.

Some hobbys I may have include writing things, reading(Mostly fanfiction of my favorite media), playing video games, watching videos on youtube, and pacing/Walking around.
I am currently in senior year at the time of writing this, and am in a special techical career prep program in school learning graphic design, and plan to go into graphic design as a possible full time career, with a possibility to go to college in graphic design, and maybe photography as a minor/secondary if they offer a option.

Some other factoids about me is that:
-I like the nighttime and the dark, as well as rain and the ocean.
-I have a very creative yet random mine that is a untapped gold mine in ideas, most ideas are dumb and weird, but some are very interesting or cool. I love cyan and hot/dark pink as preferred colors.

I am agender which means I have no preferred or chosen gender, and you can refer to me to any pronouns be it female(She/Her), male(He/Him/His), or non-binary(They/Them/Their or its/it)or by name(Primum Thrivium or Princess of Primum Thrivium) or nickname(Princess, Primum, Thrive, PriVium, Princess Primum, Default Species, etc.)-Also I do not prefer to be referred by pronouns outside of the ones I listed if using pronouns to refer to me.


Welcome to the forums @PrimumThrivium !

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Hello, I am exactly the opposite situation as you, I keep posting on the forums but have never actually played thrive, I have the game on steam, but it wont start :smiling_face_with_tear:

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