Hi, I am new here!

Hi all, I am new on this forum. Like many others here I played Spore when younger and it was my favorite game for a long time.

Since I am very interested in, and studies, social science in high school I think I could discuss ideas regarding the aware stage and onwards to the industrial. As those are most likely where my specialisations could contribute the most.

I am fluent in Swedish which is my mother tongue and in english.

Besides, I hope I will have a good time here with everybody else. I am convinced that this game will be awesome and a new of my all-time favorites. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the forum! I can’t wait to hear your ideas.

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Hälsningar! Jag studerade Svenska två terminer, men jag har glömt nästan allt. I haven’t practiced in many months and it was only a hobby when I was studying, so I never knew all that much. Anyway, more contributors are always welcome! If you know how to put zeros and ones in punch cards (or however the kids do the computer nowadays), then that would be even better.


Hey, I actually understood this. I guess 6 years of Swedish, which is mandatory in Finnish schools, wasn’t completely useless.

Hi, New here i’m dad

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Welcome, always glad to have new people. Even if I can’t understand them.

welcome to the forums @Katt47!

Welcome to the forum! hope you enjoy it here