Hi, I'm RizkyPramudyaCJ

Hi, my name is RizkyPramudyaCJ or RPCJ or just Rizky Pramudya. I’m found Thrive from someone on steemit.com since December 2017. I here for playing Thrive beside Dancing Line, Audiosurf, and open source game. Oh, I’m from Samarinda, Indonesian. And I from Dancing Line Discord and Reflex Games Discord.

Since late May 2018, I have memorized again for this game and now I also created Dancing Line Fanmade named The Thrive from Thrive main theme v8 as promotional media only to this game.
I hope Thrive is still active in development and have entering Alpha version.


Welcome to the forums!

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It is still in very active development, i literally just fixed reproduction for 0.4.0 yesterday
Also Welcome to the forums!

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Welcome me dewd!

Also long live 0.4.0!