Hi My name is Yellowfrog56 and I love Thrive!

Hi. I only heard of thrive a couple of days ago but from what I have seen it is amazing! I am already a part of the discord server and subreddit! I played a lot of spore as a kid and loved it but I was always upset by how unrealistic it was, bad graphics, lack of sequal, etc. This is the first time I actually found something that is truly better than spore. Please keep up the hard work and I will follow you every step of the way.


Welcome! On this forum it is a good place to discuss and have friendly debates and suggest things! The forum games being held on this forum may also peak your interest, so make sure to check the active ones out!
Edit: some good ones are path of the wild and pandora horizon, but they are full so you will be placed on a waiting list, its still fun to read the stories that they hold though

Hello and welcome to the Forums

hello, welcome the the forums! i hope you like it here, it’s not the fastest paced place, but i like that. if you haven’t yet prolly check out the FAQ.

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