Hi to everyone

Hi to everyone, my name is Dak28 (Daniele) im university student in Milano.
I love videogames, i love science, history and cinema.

I’m a beginner developer, i have some skills with javascript, C, C++, C#, python, Swift Java i use couple of times, ruby on rails. I used C# for coding in unity engine, other language on web/ app application.

I also know a little bit of video editing (after effects, premiere) and graphic editing(photoshop, illustrator)
In my life i use also for hobby 3ds max for model simple object (sword for games ecc…)

I would like to join your team, maybe only as tester or whatever you need.
I don’t know if here is the right place to post, in that case, sorry :smiley:


Welcome to the forums!

Hey Dak awesome to have you here in the forums!!

Here’s the website link to give you a good idea on how to help, with your skill I would bet they’d take you onto the dev team as a programmer

Welcome to the forums! Ya big nerd! :sunglasses:


in all seriousness, welcome to the forums!

Welcome! happy to have you on the forums.

Hi, welcome to Thrive here. :slight_smile: