Okay, currently there is a “Hibernation” state which is basically making your cell as sessile as possible, but hibernation would be a nice feature in itself. In more sparse biomes, you could hibernate in times of greater scarcity, which leads to interesting possibilities, such as hunting animals that are hibernating, allowing animals that are not to have a food source, which would consequently create active carnivores and herbivores. sleepers, plus exploring the cultural possibilities of a hibernating civilization would be cool.


Yup, most likely will be added. That’s years away and a common sense addition so I don’t think it warrants too much discussion, but if you have any extra variation ideas or weird implications you wanted to mention, go ahead. Also keep in mind “hibernation” Is the term for resting during winter, aestivation is the term for summer, and torpor is for general resting, including sleep.

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Thanks, that’s a fact I didn’t know I’d need, now I can say “I’m appearing fatigued because I haven’t had a good quality torpor

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