History of bisexuality

an interesting thing is that in the history of our world creatures were in one way or another, capable of being
bisexual, not just humans but also; penguins, zebra finches, cats, dogs, and a surprising amount more. mostly
mammals and avians/birds. creatures with more than a lizard brain larger than the point of a thumbtack. homo and trans-phobia is also relatively recent being only four decades old,
so a good question i guess i have is will that be represented in anyway such as a learned behavior? i had only just thought of that

I think this would be mostly neglectable in the “biological” part of the game unless you come up with a different reproduction system. This should be more important in the “civilization” part of the game where those people might be rejected by the majority of citizens.

Anyway, welcome to the forums!

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thanks, i will keep this in mind.

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