Hordes of Predatory Toxin-Spewing Prokaryotes

I was playing a game in 4.1 earlier today, but only a few generations in, I started encountering an extremely evil prokaryote. It was very simple, just a couple of chemosynthesis organelles and a toxin vacuole. It was extremely aggressive, and hunted in packs. These things weren’t bad as one but when together they could take down even massive eukaryotes. At first there were only a few, but after only a couple generations in there were so many of these prokaryotes that it was almost impossible to play without getting murdered by toxin spam. This was interesting but could maybe use some balancing, like some sort of defense mechanism from toxins, if there isn’t already.


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I’ve encountered a species like that, but they hunted solo and chilled in packs. They were fast and ONLY had toxin vacuoles. They’re tiny little demons, aren’t they? :smiling_imp:
Luna from Harry Potter?

Is it just me, or are more and more people joining Thrive?

Yes. Also, I’ve been following the community for a while but had yet to make an account.

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I guess the strategy I would use against them is to go for a bunch of flagella in order to be able to escape from them.

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Maybe you could put the flagella on the front, so you can also add a couple oxy toxy vacuoles which You can then fire at them while swimming away.

I find this is a problem in the recent release candidate- there are far too many toxin-utilising prokaryotes. Hopefully things balance out once more methods of kill-killing are added.

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Isn’t the point of the evolution system to encourage strategies that work and kill off the ones that don’t, obviously this means that toxin is a good path to go in order to succeed.

I believe this means nerfing toxin but that might be extreme and there is another way (can’t organisms evolve immunities to toxins in real life, that might be a way to balance that).

Not necessarily nerf toxins. Just make them very expensive and add timer for replenishing them :slightly_smiling_face:

There is already a timer that is based on how many toxins the cell has. Shooting toxins also consumes the oxytoxy that is generated. The generating could take longer to make using toxins be a more serious decision as it would leave you defenceless for some time afterwards.

Fine, fine, I’ll join the forum because I wanted to add my idea here. I’ve poked around for years without saying anything.

Anyway, I think that the toxin-spewing prokaryotes are fine, as toxin immunity could be added. It could be like oxygen-producing life being toxic for anaerobic life on Earth. Species that can withstand or utilize the toxin and benefit from it will thrive, and those that cannot will die.

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The oxygenation event is planned :slight_smile:

I’m glad there will be an oxygenation event, but I hope it won’t be hardcoded. I don’t want there to always be oxygenation every time in every game. I don’t know how feasible this is from a programming perspective, but I think varied planet types would be cool. Perhaps there could be a methanation (is that a word) event on a Titan-like planet. I want my methane monkeys!