Horror Moments and Scary Atmosphere in Thrive?

In the history of Gaming always there were moments that were really creepy, mysterious and strange in non-horror games. this is not new this has been happening for a long time, ones of the creepy moments of gaming were for example: The Sonic Drowning theme, The Source Games strange atmosphere, SimCity 4 primordial dream, The Sims Dangers Themes, The GTA Franchise games myths and somes GTA games that have a creepy atmosphere, The Rareware’s Games Game Over Screens and etc. The List is very big.

So… Would you guys like if Thrive had scary moments in it and kinda of horror? I find this idea would be interesting and i would love to see the game scary me in some part or moment but i don’t know and which parts of the game would have scary moments i don’t see how that could work but i can see Thrive having a scary atmosphere, These Horror-like moments in the game could appear in ones of the few stages and i can see Thrive having a creepy easter egg too but idk which easter egg tho.

You guys could share your own ideas how you can imagine Thrive being a scary game at some point and tbh i find Thrive’s Extintion Theme pretty scary.


Actually, how about being a species that survived mass extinction and now, as a player, you explore the barren wasteland with some disturbing (I guess) music playing in the background to make the experience more atmospheric?


Sounds a great idea.


this reminds me of a time I was messing around in thrive: it was the first few generations, and most patches were empty, however, I found marine snow composed of advanced organelles, which should not be there yet

maybe there could be a horror-like segment shortly after a planet’s Great Oxygenation Event, where the players and a very small fraction of other species try to survive as the very water they rely on dissolves them, feeding off the plentiful remains of their less fortunate bretheren using cellular processes with ever-decreasing efficiency

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Talking about this i renember that there is a sountrack reuploaded by Thrive Game Italia which the name of the video was called Tema Pianeta inquinato - Distopia in english translation: Polluted planet theme - Dystopia but unfortunely the video was made private by the channel somes of the others musics of that channel aswell were too, the music had a very apocalyptic and dread vibe btw this music vaguely sounded like SimEarth opening intro theme.

Btw the music Polluted planet theme - Dystopia would probaly play in the industrial stage where your planet is very polluted i think that song would be a very good adition in the game for a scary atmosphere. And i still have the link of the video but he made it private. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLjnzNHJAdo&list=PLnl7fIuOzsEVTl2HbP9PKdm5jnS0LXnNF&index=68

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