How big is the universe of Thrive?

i mean, how big is the universe map of the game, is a galaxy? an entire universe? a couple of solar system?

There are concepts for a galaxy, which I interpreted as some sort of map similar to the one you see in Spores space stage.

I just hope they keep distances accurate in Thrive compared to Spore, though.

It took me 3 seconds to completely zoom out of the Spore galaxy. Should be 6 seconds when playing Thrive, or 10.

I would think it’s a Galaxy Cluster.

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Yeah I would think a galaxy cluster would be the map of the game too

I also imagine that after you achieve ascension your entire universe will be included in your map, not just a galaxy cluster, but who knows

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How will you generate a entire universe, something minecraft-esqe, where a 3d perlin noise map dictates the frequency of galaxies and a ordinary pseudo-random number generator dictates the 3d coordinates of the said galaxy contents?

P.S. I don’t want the distances that accurate, the game is gonna be kinda boring without adding the Kerbal Space Program time warp system(but buffed up) or something


Due to the distances I think it is a good choice to just have a single galaxy in Thrive. It will be easier to make and we can’t even fill a single galaxy with stuff. We’ll have to have a limited number of stars in the galaxy (similarly to Stellaris)


the number of stars should be like 20 something, and they should all be about 4 light years apart. this is basically the amount of stars a species can colonize in a reasonable time.

I have some pretty big scifi dreams for later part of the space stage: