How can a neuron be simulated?

Can functional neurons be replicated in a computer simulation? How about in real life in different forms? What are the implications, if this is possible, for AI?

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So who wants to tell Chat-GPT that it is impossible for it to exist?
Just kidding, but I wanted to joke about this a bit as this is the approach that the modern wave of AI technologies all use. So this is obviously possible and anyone following any of the recent AI news should know this. Well at least if they read more in-depth articles than just clickbait that doesn’t mention any of the technical details.

Here’s the Wikipedia page on neural network simulations:


there’s also the Artificial Life Engine (ALiEn), which has functional neurons that are individual cells, but they are 2D and can only interact with their neighbor cells.

Do you have a link to it?

Just how CPU-intensive is a neural network?

depends. It could be simple enough to run on a raspberry pi zero, or complicated enough to need the Frontier supercomputer’s entire resources.


All of the best AI neural networks require GPU computing power and a bunch of GPU RAM to run effectively. Only really simple neural networks can run on a CPU.