How do you evolve a nucleus

The nucleus is very very expensive ATP wise, and it massively slows down your cell. I’ve never encountered a situation where the game has needed me to evolve a nucleus. In fact I feel the game is actively pushing me to not evolve one. With everyone showing off their multicellular creations I have to ask, how on Earth did the game let you evolve a nucleus?

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get organelles, its simple
also theres the quick question thread, no need to make a new thread for all your questions

Sorry, forgot about that.

get organelles, its simple

Yes, but I have to evolve it when I’m still using organoids. I can’t evolve organelles immediately.

organoids? theyre called organoids?

I think that’s what they’re called? Either way get them, drive up your efficiency to a rediculous degree, and the organelles will make it worth it.

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I think they are under “proteins” label in the editor rather than the organelles. But usually when me or any other team member talks about organelles that includes the prokaryotic versions.

All other replies here are true, but also, it’s perfectly true that a nucleus isn’t necessary at all for life to function very well. Bacteria are infinitely more successful than eukaryotes if we look at it from a population perspective on Earth. Many organisms “prefer” the simplicity and low-energy life of not having a nucleus rather than getting one and becoming much more complex. In fact, I sometimes wonder if the nucleus should cost even more ATP to make the transition a bit more difficult.

The nucleus will obviously become more valuable on the future when progression is more important, but right now it offers you much more efficient organelles.

Yes, but organelles have weight to them. Anytime I do that, all the other cells (the prey) end up being much quicker than me. Flagellum costs too much ATP to be a good solution.

have you tried having a balance of organelles and flagellum?

also being a predator isnt the only option

you could get glucose from thylacoids, or rust things.

  1. Either stay in the vents or go as quickly as you can to the sunlight zone without changing much
  2. Become an autotroph or wait for auto-evo to generate easy prey
  3. Add a bunch of metabolosomes + the other stuff that corresponds to your intended diet (thylakoids are obviously easiest especially if you’re in the shallows)
  4. Once you have at least 4 metabolosomes for your nucleus and probably a couple others for good measure (especially if you have many thylakoids), get the nucleus
  5. If you survive in that state start replacing your proteins with proper organelles ASAP

That’s how I’ve done it at least. While I think all organelles should be immediately favorable under some circumstance (because evolution can’t foresee goals like a player can), it also makes sense that they would only ever evolve once (much like in real life), by the player’s hand.

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Just today I tried a hybrid model of predator and thylacoids. This was my most successful species, but even though it had an infinite supply of glucose it still had to hunt for ammonia and phosphorus . Everything around it evolved to be super speedy tiny single thylacoid cells leaving my cell, that was still growing big enough to have a nucleus, to be unable to reproduce (natural ammonia and phosphorus had been completely depleted by this point in the game).
Also just being a plant would be boring, as well as not providing me with ammonia or phosphorus.

Rust things

Good point. I haven’t tried that in a while, because the last time I tried it Thrive refused to spawn rustable things near me (even though the Biome was supposed to be full of them.)

I already do that.

I’ve been trying a hybrid method recently.

My cells are too powerful. The easy pray would be extinct in no time.

Weight. My cell would weigh too much meaning either I can’t catch prey or predators can catch me.

You dont need to be fast to catch prey or defend yourself.
Just have spikes or oxi-toxi shooters.
Also, theres an organelle thing that produces amonia.

I always have a spike on the tip of my cell. Even with this the prey cells are out of reach.

Good point. I’ve been afraid to use it because it takes up precious glucose.

you need to learn how to make efficient organisms. regardless of what kind of cell you’re making, the most important thing for having larger cells is to make sure your resource consumption is as low as you can get it. atp balance and storage is relatively unimportant in bigger cells

anyways, you’re pretty likely to suffer early on when you first evolve the nucleus, just try spawning somewhere with plenty of resources when you first evolve it, and then it will be pretty easy to tack on whatever organelles you need afterwards