How do you join the group"spacefaring"?

I always saw people with tags next to their name such as :
What does this mean, and how do I join?

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thats a general metric of how much you interact with the forum. i’d recommend liking posts, making good posts that get liked, making topics, and generally being a productive forum user. they are based off the stages of thrive.


so to go up the stages, I need to be more active?

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theres like post milestones that you can achieve, for example industrial at 500 posts, and stuff like that.

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Let me pull up the list

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Rank New Microbial Multicellular Aware Sentient Tribal Industrial Spacefaring Ascended
Post count 0 3 10 50 100 250 500 1000 5000
Read time 0 15 30 120 240 480 481 482 483

Yes, they are a metric of how many posts you did

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speedrun ascended

Actually, no, and never.

Why not make topic only made to farm posts?

You just described almost all of #forum-games (I’m only partly joking)

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Only the weak needs a specific topic to farm posts

Post-farming infection across multiple topics is pro’s way of leveling up?

Is anyone even ascended?

Not yet. In a few years hhyyrylainen will prolly be there.

I wonder if ascended will have diffrent colour, maybe purple

It probably does have one

I didn’t actually bother, but once I ascend, maybe I’ll add the custom colour then. Currently if anyone was ascended they’d be the same colour as spacefaring, which is pretty appropriate as being spacefaring is already quite an achievement.