How do you make a multicellular organisim from a colony?

Just a quick question.How do I even make a multicellular organisim? I bound a colony together, but I can’t figure out how to go past that.


Click the become multicellular button when you get 5 cells in a colony

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I got 25, and that button never appeared

It has lol
See the 25/5 beecome multicellular? Click it
Unless its bugged

not there. maybe I should use an earlier version? I’m using 0.5.9

Or, the most recent 0.5.10? (I noticed the 0. It doesn’t put it at the top, as it has a 1… so, I thought it was an older, not newer, version

Yea 0.5.10 is the newest one
But multicell was still a thing in 0.5.9
Anyways can you send a pic/screenshot of what you’re seeing?

It doesn’t show up if you are using the freebuild mode for some strange reason.

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well… that would be nice to know. I suspect that might be my issue…

Why do i always forget that it doesnt show up in freebuild mode?
Kinda weird

It doesn’t show up in freebuild because that’s a cheat mode where you are not supposed to be able to progress the game (and in the future complete it).

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shame… just because it’s a cheat doesn’t mean it should block us! just ask me

then why cant we have a freebuild mode for every stage/substage

The answer for any question of the form “why feature x doesn’t exist for multicellular” is because it is a prototype and not done.

Though we do have a bunch of microbe features that aren’t implemented either, nearly 500 open new feature requests / bugs to solve: Issues · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub

So the ultimate answer is that we don’t have enough volunteer programmers or a humongous mountain of money to hire a dedicated team. And even then it would take time to actually do programming work.

You do? I can’t find the one for Multicellular and Macroscopic

edit: just found your “then why can’t”. I thought you said “we do have”… oops leaving this here because, frankly, that’s a funny mistake

Fair enough

While an understandable restriction, I do have to say it would make quickly testing things in multicellular a bit easier/faster.

The “normal” cheats already work in early multicellular.


figured that out. That was fun!