How I think the transition from late-microbe to early-multicellular should work

So I think the transformation of your creature from a single cell to multiple cells should be a lot more seamless than how it is in Spore. I think that, similar to how buying the nucleus subtly turns the cell into a eukaryote, buying something from the store (maybe a bi-layer membrane?) should “complete” your cell. From that point forward, mitosis wouldn’t bring you to a cell creator, but would just split your cell in half, kinda like in Then, after splitting in half enough times, the game would become 2.5D or 3D and continue in multicellular from there. Essentially, you’d go from one big cell to lots of small cells, which is sort of how it works in real life:

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The plan is to have a smooth transition. I think this has been discussed here somewhere already, but I’m too lazy to find a link.
Currently how I think the transition would happen is that you unlock binding agents allowing you to attach to members of your species. Once you reach certain size you then unlock an editor where you place cells instead of organelles and you can start creating specialised cells.


So kinda like in spore’s creature stage where when you are moving to the tribal stage, you can no longer change what you species looks like or their abilities (flight, spit, charge, etc.) just simply add armor? If so, what else is there? Because it doesnt sound too invigorating to just keep adding cells over and over again. Maybe larger forms of the flagellum and other organells? At least than we can feel like we are evolving and not just staying in a group to look bigger against predators. (Also sorry if I sound angry or rude, I’m just very passionate about player creation limitations. Spore was limited at some times and this game will have much more potential for user creation)

You can still change your cells during multicellular / aware, you even get the option to differentiate your cells at that point. (the specialized cells)

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Would it be a different tab than multicellular? Maybe a different currency?

I like your idea. Spore has a lot of things wrong with cell stage, such as the fact that cells are made of meat and have eyes.

This is exactly my idea! Great minds think alike.