How many stages are actually reachable right now?

By reachable, I don’t mean it has to be finished. I’m sorry if it says it somewhere.

just one the microbe stage but multicellular should be out this year or some time next year (maybe) but its close

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I wonder if I will live to see this finished

if your over 20 then no sorry

I hope by “out” you mean that it will be started and will have some basic features of it implemented.

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I think he meant finished finished

Probably a very long time, if not never

I think a lot of the questions you are asking can be found here:

That seems a bit cynical, multicellular stage work should be started within a few versions of 0.4.0 there is specifically one programmer (@crodnu) who has stated he wants to start prototyping (assuming he starts contributing again) though I’ll probably also be working on prototyping it.(I’m pretty laser focused on microbe stage though)

The return of Crodnu?
Also I never knew he left

He’s around he just hasn’t been coding at all.

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He is a really cool dude