How much do we know Thrive?

J1Sun here, and I just wanted to ask you all a question - how serious are we getting about Thrive.

You know my friend the other day called me cryptic when I was explaining the concept of Thrive and how the progress is going. But I dont think he’s mistaken - but rather how serious are we all. Cryptic means “having a meaning that is mysterious or obscure.” but ALSO it has another meaning in zoology (of coloration or markings) serving to camouflage an animal in its natural environment. Those were just random facts, now I have all your attention.

I want to help the game, i checked out the dev forums. I’m no programmer honestly - so count me out there. But what I have are a very particular set of skills that can help with the game development. I see people like Nick who make these very cool and intense forum games based on thrive concepts and in a way thats something to get everyone invovled and also bolster our understand of Thrive. I know im probably rambling here but increasing all our understandings of thrive is critical to becoming better fans and helping Thrive grow. I want to feel like I’m part of the thrive family and be immersed in the gameplay outside of the game.

We need to revamp things in my opinion. We need to get every fan excited about science, about evolution about thrive.
Not about memes
Not about unrelated forum games. (those are fine to have but it doesnt increase how much we’re excited about the Thrive game)

I been through the forums a bit and shoutout to @NickTheNick who is very adept at making these productive posts happen.
I want everyone to look at their posts. This person has focus and a desire to propel the Thrive fandom forward.

I want everyone to be on board

Now i know it slike 3am for me and I’m a little tipsy but these are my honest feelings. Everyone here has skills and passion but I feel the edge we could have had is lost.

Maybe I delete this later but for now let my words be known. I appreciate all the conversations Ive had with everyone, especially the discussion prompt from mr TJ about radioplasts. I want more prompts like that.


Its like, 10:00 for me, and my brain is melting onto the floor
aka, I have no idea what you just said
Regardless, I’m going to like this post

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Unlike yall, I have a nervous system and also cannot drink, so I have something to say about it. @J1Sun, yes, I do agree with you, most people on the forums can help in some way with development, their quality of skill however is iffy.
You also said that people need to get exited by the game. I agree about this too, but it’s hard to get people hyped without making some empty promises. This is an even bigger problem when you realize that there are a lot of people that would see these promises being made.

That’s easier said than done. On our social medias, memes get us the most engagement (likes, replies etc.).

Though, I agree with the sentiment that we should make more posts related to thrive itself on these forums.

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