How to install mods

By the title, you can guess that I am asking how to install mods and I know about the mod installer and

  • it doesn’t work

  • it is for an older version

so i am asking how to install mods in 0.5.5

Well until we get a mod loader. For example if this gets done:

Before that. Basically the only way to make mods is to make an alternative Thrive.pck file and replace the original one with that. So the mod authors need to do that for now.

I made a tool that can unpack and re-pack a .pck file with modified content:

So with that and the Godot editor it should be possible to make graphics replacement mods, and also other kinds (but those are harder to make).
I hope we eventually get mod support in the game as the current approach has major downsides like only being able to have one mod at a time and each mod requires downloading the entire contents of the Thrive.pck file (even the ones that didn’t change).

I meant a place where we can get mods

So far all the mods here on the forums have included a download link. I’m not aware of any mods that have been made but haven’t been posted on here.

Perhaps when Thrive goes on Steam, it will have a workshop. Otherwise, modders can still use Nexus Mods.

I think the forum will probably the main way for awhile though something like gamebanana could be used

Get this thing in the Thrive settings in 0.5.6 or whatever the next version is.

What do you mean? It’s a command line tool. What would it do when included in the settings menu?