How to make a evolution forum game?

I’m new to forum games can anyone help me how to host an evolution forum game?
What do I need? Tell me all the stuff.

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I’ve hosted a couple of forum games across several forums, so I consider myself a bit of an adept.
Origin: What’s the starting species? Does your forum game start as a unicellullar being? A multicellullar one? A fish? A mammal
Dice: What system for voting are you gonna use? I prefer to use a 6 sided dice with an odd vote in odd rounds, but I’ve seen people using 15 sided dice, and even having a system where you could give a +2 vote to other players.
Interactions: Usually the aim of the game is to not die. Present a conservation status of the player species. make some NPCs prior to writing the round. Then see how good the player creatures are against each other and against the NPCs.
Disasters: Games get boring after a few rounds without disasters. Plan meteor strikes, ice ages, diseases and strike the players with these calamities. They will make the game more fun.

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I thought of an origin where the player is a proto worm.
I will use 6 dice with odd votes.
edit: @Hirohito can i use ur game rules i really like them?

Of course.

I thought all day and thought of a game like urs but with an earlier start
Also, what should i call it?

That’s ironic.
The system I use is a modified version of a game that started with an unicellular eukaryote.

How often should i add disasters?

I would roll a dice for it when you are making each round, a 6 sided dye with 2-5 being nothing at all, 1 being disaster, 6 being bounty (improved conditions)

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I usually use disasters each 5 turn and an extinction event each 10 turn.

How does the dice system works (virtually)? *boom necromancer

@discobot roll d6
This is how

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