How to setup launcher

I can’t figure out how to setup the launcher i heard running the game would be better with the launcher and also i generally want to use it.

Once you manage to get to the downloads page for the launcher (here: you just select a suitable version for your operating system. For example windows 64 bit is Thrive_Launcher-win32-x64.7z (or the .zip if you want to download larger files because you are too lazy to install 7zip). Then you just unzip it to somewhere, for example your documents folder. And there is Thrive Launcher.exe(on windows) inside the folder and you just run that.

Thank you oh mighty thrive dev Your wisdom has not failed me.

also your profile picture is cool

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Im reviving this thread cause my thrive launcher is not launching it says that node.dll and ffmpeg.dll could not be found i reinstalled it already

Did you confirm that all the files were unzipped properly and didn’t get deleted by an antivirus?

i dont exactly know much about my computer so i’ll ask my father when he comes back

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okay well i dont know how to unzipp files but i do know that i dont have any antivirus other than windows defender which likes to annoy me whenever it wants to delete files so im having problems trying to start it up i’ve redownloaded it a few times and attempted to do all the other things

I just released a new version of the launcher:

It includes an installer (you just double click it and hit next a few times to install the launcher):

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Thanks hhyyrylainen now i can play 4.0 the moment it releases!