How will internal parts of your creature be edited in late multicellular?

How will you be able to edit inside of your creature if theres skin in the way? Will you just have to zoom in a ton?

In early multicellular that’s an issue, I’d say the best method is giving the player the ability to sort cells (or tissue when we get to tissue editor) into different groups, like you would with layers in Photoshop. That way you can just select a spicific group to edit. That or just don’t do anything about it. Idk it isn’t game breaking. Great way to make sure players keep a reasonable surface area?

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Internal/External mode. Internal with organs, external with limbs.


That makes sense, but what about an organ surounded by other organs?

Phase view combined with positioning arrows.

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have them transparent until you click on them

Perhaps you could be able to hide certain tissues, allowing you to see inside. This would also not require organs to be classified as internal or external

Nice and simple, yeah. Good plan.

in my post about the view of the macroscopic world editor, the organ editor was mentioned, so I think it would be appropriate to mention it here.

It will itself be combined with the concept of the scale of aromorphoses for the formation of new organ systems, which I also spoke about before.

When this bar fills up, you can spend aromorphosis to develop from tissue (in the case of lungs, for example, there are three options from which they can be developed:

  1. They may be an outgrowth of the gastrointestinal tract
    2 They Can Be Developed From Gills
  2. They can be developed from pores or something similar
    ) organ systems, and then separate organs appear, which the player adjusts in the same way as he sets up skins in the skins editor mentioned in that post. The placement of organs takes place in the editor of the musculoskeletal system, when all other layers are turned off, becoming translucent, and the player places all this inside the body, while not taking the place of muscles or bones (the game does not allow this). The gastrointestinal tract, like the spine in Spore, is the main axis of the body, which, of course, can twist like the intestines of vertebrates, but, in any case, the body is built precisely relative to it.