How will language function as a feature?

How will the developement of language function if added as a feature? What about if you didn’t want your species to have a language?

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I’d assume something like a tech tree with lots of non-human options to prevent railroading, or something like ancestor I dunno. As for not having language - what do you mean? Like, I’m just confused. Do you want to use something other than repeated discreet sounds?(i.e pheromones, sung indiscrete songs, or dances) or do you want to be utterly antisocial (i.e not sapient)?

well a sapient creature MIGHT be able to evolve antisocially.
might being so large because it might also not be possible.
theoretically there could be a typr of creature that invests heavily into their children (thus being able to teach them things) but not group together in any other form than mates and children (once they grow up the family unit disolves)
its a bit of a stretch but it might be possible, though they would never progress beyond hunter gathering.

If you don’t want to have a language then you are stuck. Simple as
Any new knowledge gain instantly disappears over a single generation as there is no communication and thus no education or learning


I’m- that doesn’t work. Even if they gain in knowledge over time they won’t get economies of scale or specialization and as such will never progress beyond maybe if they are Belgiuming geniuses neolithic farming. The only option I see is a slime mold-esque blob. Edit: I just realized that teaching your young requires a language. So yeh, you need one

i also said that they would never progress beyond hunter gathering, which is still technically sentience

Sapience you mean? also Neolithic fanrmng doesn’t need supply chains or teamwork so why couldn’t a people that don’t work together do it?

There’s already two topics about languages in the game:

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