How will players be encouraged to evolve eyes?

In Thrive as we have seen so far despite having no eyes we can still see and I assume it will remain this way. What I am wondering is since we can already see what will encourage us to evolve eyes. Will eyes give us a larger ranger of view?

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To answer the question, IIRC the visuals seen in microbe stage are actually meant to be chemoreception, and your field of view around your organism will become smaller as you get larger, so you’ll probably need a primary sense(like eyes) early to mid multicellular.


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Moreover, the presence/absence of eyes could be important for non-player cells (Auto-Evo), even if you, the player, can see.

One thing that sets eyes apart from other sensory parts is range. Eyes have a technically infinite range through mediums of air and space, and quite far in water (Depending on depth). So very good in non dense mediums). Compare that to seismic senses (touch vibrations and sound/ sonar) which is majority impacted by the medium it is in (further through harder mediums). And chemoreceptor/ electroreceptors have quite a small range (smell, taste). So I think players will be encouraged to evolve eyes if they are hunting/ being hunted in the water, and adopt seismic if hunting/ being hunted on the ground. The one thing is, the more range it has, the more it can be countered by stealth. And chemoreceptors can give you a lot of information about your prey.


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