How will the body functions work?

How will stuff like body heat and electricity work? Can you focus body heat to a specific part of your body like the Ice Worm from Subnautica Below Zero? How do you turn chemical energy (ATP) into electrical energy? I just need to know how this stuff will work.

I haven’t even started on my questions about how neurons and senses will work.

I am almost certain this will be how it plays out. This is not all 100% garentied though. Body heat would only be generated if you tweaked your cell metabolism in the editor, and only be retained with fur or blubber or something. To consciously make more or less body heat some process or other needs to be moved to your conscience control, perhaps by making it so that the level produced is low unless shivering, or special valve in the blood to drain heat from where you don’t want. This would cost many more points.

As for electrical attacks, you would first start with a vestigial muscle block, then mutate all the cells in it to a related type of cell that makes electricity. They would then be given a keybinding or something and wouldn’t do any damage until you put many more evolution points in.

Muscles produce body heat too.

Yeah, but they do it best if you evolve them to be perposeful heat inefficiency, which, oddly enough, makes them more efficient overall.

So you could, in theory, focus an absurd amount of body heat to one part of the body?

What? No they don’t. Waste heat is literally one of the main challenges of designing anything mobile, including living things.
It is also one of the main reasons why animals can’t grow larger than a certain size. If mice were the size of elephants they would melt themselves from the inside because of the square-cube law: heat generated = cube, heat lost to the enviroment = square

The only things that purposefully generate waste heat in the human body are the fat we burn to be warm-blooded. But that has to do with control over heat generated moreso than the total heat.

simple, live in the arctic (Or on a very cold, yet lush planet with a good ecosystem and preferably low gravity) and eat i c e.