How will Thrive be affected by the EU Copyright Directive?

I have recently heard about the new EU copyright directive, which eliminates fair use and creates a ‘link tax’, so you have to pay a tax in order to link stuff, and you need to buy licences to use copyrighted material.
What are your thoughts on this?
Will it impact Thrive, or not?
Maybe someone should backup the GitHub repositories.

Hopefully it doesn’t affect Thrive

If it does, then the EU is officially flopping.

I mean, they’re already going to essentially ban memes in the EU, so y’know

Yeah, but i hope that it is not going to be accepted by the council.

I’m more worried about this:

than new copyright laws making github unusable.

Surely you don’t have to buy a license to just link to some random page. I didn’t find a good summary on this, though. So it will be business as usual as there has always been the chance that someone sues you based on you using their copyrighted material. Which is something that thrive doesn’t use, everything (okay, maybe a few things aren’t custom made like some fonts) in the game is made by someone who has been in the team at some point


We will be fine unless someone falsely accuses us of copyright infringement (all assets used in thrive, including sounds, art etc.) are all made by contributors from scratch, so only we own the assets in thrive. Even the engine is custom made by contributors.


speaking of which can’t wait for the next update!

its coming along very well :stuck_out_tongue: i added glycolysis today and remade the process system