How would diplomacy work?

How would diplomacy with other nations work? In most games you get given a set amount of options with a few more depending on certain ethics that you have. Would Thrive follow this or will you be able to write you own ones (with ‘[Insult]’ to tell the game that you are insulting the AI and not bribing them)?

Probably a set of actions that you can change in severity and add other actions with it.

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probably a set of actions depending on your civilization and the ai you’re talking to civilization.

for example if your ideals dont go together with the other thing’s ideals then you probably wont get along

i think thats the basics? im not too knowledgeable about this so take my opinion with a grain of salt

that would be bad
since if you were a war civ it wouldnt allow you to ally someone for a short time until you prepare yourself to attack and betray them, which is a strategy almost everyone is gonna use

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Having different ideals probably will just lower initial relations and make it harder to improve them.


yeah that’s what i meant

like the system used in the thrive oddeysey
although i probably should have worded it better

An important thing to consider when talking about Diplomacy is Psychology. Depending on the natural inclinations of a species, certain diplomatic actions that make sense to us could be completely foreign to them, which would obviously make it unreasonable for it to be an option in-game. On the flip side, there could be things that we as Humans wouldn’t even consider.


While at this time I don’t believe the team has any specific plans or ideas regarding diplomacy, I would personally hope we can make it just as engaging as combat and war.

In particular, I would like Thrive to have emphasis on the difficulties of building a diplomatic bridge between two foreign factions with radically different cultures, social ques, perceptions, and language. In most games you can communicate with an alien species right off the bat, but how do you intend to negotiate a trade deal speaking english to a species that doesn’t have ears and communicates through touch? I would like players to need to build bridges to cross barriers like that, and be rewarded greatly.