How Would Organisms be Generated?

What I’m basically saying is this : How will Organisms be Generated? Will generation be more similar to No Man’s Sky? Or will it be more similar to other games like SALRE?

from what i know all the creatures past aware will be generated in a similar way to no man’s sky
as for microbial-aware creatures they’re gonna evolve on their own from you

The plan is that all species on your planet are descended from you, and shaped by auto-evo.
So there won’t be any randomly generated species (or other ready-made species) included in your playthrough. At least until the space stage, where other planets are probably pre-generated as it probably takes way too long to generate them during gameplay.

So we won’t be doing what Spore or No Man’s Sky does.


Judging from what you’ve said, wouldn’t that be hard to do?

Memory-wise, it might be a humongous pain to do, but it probably shouldn’t take up much processing power at all. Every time the player evolves, the species around them slightly change as well, maybe diverging here and there but that’s it.

It’s also hard to generate varied creatures from scratch.
Our approach will be much more realistic as the other species evolve alongside with you, they will be adapted to your planet. There won’t be just some random creatures pulled in from external sources that don’t fit your planet’s ecosystem at all.


alright, thanks for info

Hate to Necro, but if all life forms are descended from our cell (I’d say 2nd generation) at what point would they be too different that they’ll be their own genus?

Let’s say the Common Ancestor evolved into an insectoid, would most of the animals be insect like or would there be some mammals or avians?

Seeing as geni are already in the game I’d be interested to know how the name generator handles them currently.

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In my game, I made during the runup of the new update, I immediately renamed my cell. Now most cells have the name Formici [X]

Yes there would be enough variation, not just for separate orders, (you’re a avian and there is also mammals) not just enough for separate superphylia (chordia vs arthropoda) but enough for separate kingdoms (plants versus animals), as the divergence starts before you are properly a bacteria, so no issue there. Also, question, are all the other critters outside of reder distance actively killing one another and eating and being fully simulated? Cause if so, how the belgem can my PC handle that?

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I run THrive off a Packard Bell laptop that is not designed for games (Smooth 16FPS), but it seems that the cells do kill each other but it is not rendered (and if it is in a different patch than its only calculated in the evolution screen)

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So its all spme weird calculation? That’s a relief. Having a super powered computer would be odd.

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