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A few attempts at stories. i.e. I tried for a while.

I can even apply for a contract for them, but webnovel contracts are crap and my stories aren’t good.

The only one I’m remotely proud of is Warmonger, 10k words in a week, It taught me how insanely tiring writing was lol.

chapters if anyone wants them.

Feline cultivation

Synopsis-After consuming a poor orphans Mana Refinement Pill, a village cat awakens a system, only to find it barely has anything to do with cultivation.

“Mother, I have successfully upgraded my [Fur] to +1”
“Sure kid.”

“Mother, I have upgraded my [Brain] to +5 [Split Brain], I can now use [Scratch] and [Mana Gathering] at the same time.”
“Don’t talk nonsense.”
smack smack

“Mother, I have defeated the [Fury Boar] that has been threatening the faction”
“Mother, I have found a way to create a method of gaining an earth affinity with a 50% chance of success, we can now breakthrough into [Claw Tempering] faster”
“Mother, I have created a language for our faction, we can now record information”
“Mother, I have Evolved into a [Flaming Dire Cat]”
“Mother, I have designed housing and storage with the help of the [Earthly Dire Cat]'s”

Chapter 1- Stealing from orphans

“Yes! Finally, I’ve saved enough to buy a [Mana Refinement Pill]” A 13-year-old kid was practically dancing with joy.

“I can finally become a cultivator!” The kid shouted as he walked into the “Mana Items and Pills” shop.

“What would you want to buy kid?” The Clerk asked.

“One bottle of [Mana Refinement Pills] Please.” The kid answered with joy.

“Here you go, one bottle of [Mana refinement pills], That will be 50 coppers.” The Clerk answered.

After handing over the pills, the kid paid 50 copper. He felt a little heartbroken, years of saving money, gone. But, he wouldn’t give up! He would temper his body to the muscle tempering stage, so he could work on a farm near the village, and donate his money to his home, the orphanage.

This was his future!

A black cat was in a bush near a store in search of his next victim. Over its 1 year existence, it learned that there were many ways to get food.

[1] Hunt, 10% chance of catching a bird.

[2] Forage, 0% chance of a find.

[3] Steal from the humans, 60% chance of getting something.

He saw the third option as an absolute win, so he did the obvious and chose it. Only to find this place where humans went in and out of, it had discovered many things, like a weird wrapped object, a sharp curved piece of metal, and a transparent tube.

‘The nom-noms are near’ was his only thought.

Suddenly, the door opened revealing a young human holding another one of those tubes, at the exact moment, he launched himself at the bottle, like a black streak of lightning, but slower.

The moment his paw touched the bottle, it was like it was hit by a raging bull, or not.

‘second plan’


The kid was startled, to say the least, in fact, he froze in place for about 2 seconds, but that was enough time for that weird creature to attack the bottle in his hand. When the time came and the creature hit the bottle it was surprisingly weak.

The kid thought that was all and his mind started to calm down, that was until he felt a pain in his hand. as he looked at his hand he saw the cr-cat.

‘Oh, it was a cat the whole time.’

he was extremely calm now, then another wave of excruciating pain came forth like his skin was being shredded into smithereens, wait… it wasss!

He immediately dropped the bottle of pills in his hand and screamed in pain.

‘Mission success!’

He snatched the bottle and ran like there was a flood of water going after him, wait… it was the baker next door. There was only one thing on his mind.


He felt the wind on his face, the dirt on his paws, the wall in his vision…

‘wall I will, jump I must’

He contracted his back legs while reaching out with his front legs and prepared to run up the wall. Once his front paws reached the wall he leaned forwards and pushed, rocketing upwards with the momentum.

Once he reached the top of the wall he used his contracted back legs to leap over the wall.


Now was the real mission success.

The other cats looked at the runt approaching with irritation.


“This dweeb stole my lunch the other day, like, hunt your own. So irritating”


“Same, I think this kid is such a runt to our faction, barely providing any help when protecting our territory from the flame faction”


“I heard the dweeb has an almost no mana force, not even in the [Fur strengthening stage]”


“Such a runt- here he comes”

This cat is also irritated from the others, but he who found a bottle of these suspicious orbs will not bow so low that he would take them to heart.

After going over the wall, he made it back to the faction, remembering about the flame faction, he took his secret path to get there, back to his box. after sitting down next to the other tube he realised there was one key difference between them. one was smaller, only being able to hold 1 orb, while the other was able to hold five.

So as any being with suspicious things, he pulled the cal off the bottle and ate one of the orbs, it didn’t do anything do he decided to eat them all. Only then did he regret his decision.



The others heard the statement and looked at the box,


“Look! The dweeb ate some of those suspicious orbs in that transparent tube, what a dweeb.”


“Tell me about it, last time I heard him meow like that he ate a lump of dirt, I heard he was sick all week.”

BITTER, extremely bitter. Imagine the most bitter object and multiply it by an orb and you get this.

cough cough cough

Once the bitterness was over, he felt an energy building up in his body. If he was a sealed pot of water, those dirt orbs would be the high-temperature flame.

‘Must get water’

He hobbled out of the box and went over to the puddle the faction was built around and drank to his heart’s content, calming down the burning flame in his body. After a 30 minute rest, he started to get up and back to his box.

‘Nap time’

He got into his loaf position and started to rest his mind, not noticing how the raging fire in his body was nourishing it from a skinny dweeb to a regular house cat, he was still not nearing the next evolution when one passed the [Fur tempering stage] turning them into a [Dire Cat], The main reason his faction was being suppressed was that the leading faction, the flame faction was said to have two [Dire Cats] and one [Flame Dire Cat] a special evolution.

It was also said that their leader figured out how to use the power of the flame to make more nutritious foods, so the other factions were lacking with their newest generation. The reason that they were being suppressed is that their almighty leader stole the fire and took it as his own to raise the newest generation.

What the leader didn’t know is that it was hard to keep the flame alive. One had to feed it, give it shelter and air, and in return, you would get what the leader called cooked food. It was said that the leader got the idea from the humans and copied them, making more tender meat. The meat is far more suitable to feed the kittens of the new generation because of its easiness to chew. Due to that the newer generation, including him, got to eat the meat every two days until they turned 1 year old, as of which the leader expected them to hunt themselves.

Due to him, being almost useless at hunting, the leader decided that the young would-be taught at a young age how to hunt, becoming the greatest generation to this date. even the 6-month-old kittens could hunt with strategy and be able to get at least 3 mice per hunt.

The leader also told the faction stories, his favorite to this date was how the leader went out of the village and found a forest full of creatures, but they weren’t ordinary. the pigs had tusks that glowed red with anger, while wild herds of sheep had arks of power sparking in between their horns. It was even said that the leader found a one-and-a-half-meter tall cat that could snap a tree in half with the swing of a paw.

Of course, he wanted to hear more, but the leader said that only the [Dire Cat]'s could hear more.

So as any cat would do, he inquired more about the stages.

It went like this,

[Ordinary] Ordinary [pet-cat]

[Fur Tempering] Smarter and more Resistant [cat]

[Fang Tempering] Stronger [Dire Cat], May have a special attribute

[Claw Tempering] Smarter and Faster [Dire Cat], May have a special attribute

[Muscle Tempering] Stronger and Faster [Elite Dire Cat], May gain another attribute

[Organ Tempering] Smarter and more Resistant [Elite Dire Cat], may have 0-2 attributes

[?]?[?] May gain another attribute

Nobody knew what came after. It was said that the [Overlord] of the village was a mischievous [Claw-Tempering] [Dire Cat] That liked to snack on many things including other [Dire Cat]'s. Encouraging the factions to try and gain strength as fast as possible to be able to replace the throne with a worthy leader capable of leading their race to freedom.

That is why all the major factions banded together and created a tournament that would be held each generation when they reached 2 years. Then the winner would compete with the [Overlord] for the position. As the overlord did nothing to suppress the competition, everyone suspected that the [Overlord] didn’t see them as a threat, creating even more fury amongst the top competitors to show him wrong.

After resting awhile, He slowly went to sleep.


Chapter 2- More Fur for Me, hehe

He woke up, went out of the box to find that he slept for about 12 hours. The first thing he noticed was that he was not skinn-

‘Wat, box, like my box, but not thick?’

“Who dis?”

He reached out to touch the floating blue box, then it disappeared.

‘wait, what if it is too fast for me to see, or turned invisible…’

He carefully observed his surroundings. If it were to attack him the easiest place to attack would be his tush, so he did what he must and kept an eye on his tush for the next hour or two.


“Wow, how did that dweeb become so… filled in?”


“I know right, Maybe he ate a ton of dirt, see how he’s monitoring his tush, we all know what happened when he ate that dirt, we better do our business somewhere else for the rest of the week to let it air out.”


“Agreed, I’m not going to be here when that happens, this might be the downfall of the faction!”

He waited for the two hours that it took to be sure that he wasn’t being stalked by the blue box. So he did what he did best and waited next to the shop and bakery.

Another victim appeared.

He chose to do the plan that worked best, first bite the human’s hand, can scratch the lifeforce out of the hand until the human drops the item. Now that he had a plan the next step was to wait.

The kid with a newly bandaged arm came to the shop once again, he was a little scared but when he saw that there was no cat around he finally calmed down. As he entered the shop clerk faced him and greeted him.

“Good to see you again, I hope your arm is ok, I brought a pill bottle of [Nourishment Pill]'s with me to give two to you, I’ll also sell you the [Mana Gathering Pill]'s at 3/10ths the price,” The cleric said with a kind tone.

The kid was instantly relieved and thanked the clerk relentlessly until the clerk stopped him.

After using the last of his funds, he carried both bottles with one hand and walked out.

‘Surely that was a one-time thing… right!?’

It’s a good thing he chose to go to the other side of the shop this time since his victim from yesterday was going this way.

‘Two bottles, hehe double kill’

As the kid was walking, he was at least 3 meters away from the bushes. So without wanting to waste the opportunity, he stalked his prey with determination to get the double kill. As his prey went farther, it got more confident and went closer to the bushed areas, as soon as the human entered the 1-meter range he bolted at the kid with a faster speed than ever.

when he entered the range of the hand of the prey, he chomped on the hand, causing the prey to freeze remembering the traumatic experience tit went through yesterday. It almost instantly let go of what it was holding and ran away faster than he had ever seen a human journey.

Surprised with the lack of effort to obtain two bottles of the suspicious orbs, he lined them up and grabbed them with his mouth, making a sprint towards the wall, and swiftly jumped over it.

“What are you here for kid?” The Clerk of the jewelry shop was asking the poor kid with a wrapped left arm and a wrapped right hand.

“U-uh, I-am here f-for a g-good luck charm.” answered the kid

“You need this more than me kid” the clerk handed over a green bracelet,

“It gives +1 [Luck]”


after going through the route to take him to the faction he took shelter in his box while examining his spoils.

There were two bottles and they looked the same, each with five orbs. He remembered the blue orbs are bitter but somehow made him more powerful? While these green ones were new, what would they do, he ate one and waited.

After finding the taste slightly sweet? was that the word, he didn’t know, all he knew was that it tasted good, so he ate the rest of them. after waiting to digest them. He resumed waiting in his loaf form. Then he heard a dreadful sound.


[Gained 5 Biomass]

[Do you want to add any mutations?]

[Yes] [No]

IT WAS ALWAYS THERE! He couldn’t believe that he would die this way, maybe he should have not bullied that human, now they were after his soul.

'This is the end, too bad I couldn’t have bullied that human some more. When he opened his eyes the box was still there not doing anything.

‘Maybe it is friendly’

He saw two-button things that the humans used, he carefully pressed on the first option only to be betrayed and have an even larger box, this is it.

‘Still no pain? did I die, it was easier than I thought.’

He opened his eyes and was greeted with the giant box,


Level-1 1/10






Skills- [Flame of Conversion Lv. 1 0/5- Converts mana into biomass, with a multiplier that of its level.]



[Note- More will be unlocked at a later date]

[Review- A smarter-than-average dweeb]

He saw more buttons pop up, so he chose the first option.

[Would you like to purchase, +1 [Fur] for 1 biomass?]

[Yes] [No]

He decided to choose the first option again because it did what he guessed would be ‘yes’.


There was nothing, not the slightest hint of pain,

‘It wasn’t a trap…’

Then pain, many pain. Imagine fur or hair forcing its way out of your scalp, then thickening.

‘It was a scam the whole time!!’

He was lying on the floor, not moving as if he was dead.


“Look at the dweeb, I think the dirt got to him.”


“I know right, wait till the leader hears that one of the new generations ate dirt until he was fat”


“If only dirt could sustain our clan, it would be utopia.”



Once the episode was over, He felt a lot better in comparison to when he was in pain, which he guessed was to be expected since it felt bad… very bad. anyways he examined his [Fur] to see what attacked him, he expected all the fur on his body to have been plucked off, but when in doubt check again.

‘Ooo, shiny, many like’

When examining himself, he discovered many things,

[1] he was fluffier with more [Fur]

[2] His [Fur] was thicker, granting more defense

[3] He Looked better, much shine

The third was the least important but he wholeheartedly agreed to it because,

'Who doesn’t like to be pretty

So as he thought about it, the less sense it made,

‘Lines that mean things, pain = more fur’

Pain, he must have the fur, but the pain…

[would you like to purchase +3 [Fur] for 5 biomass?]

[Yes] [No]


silent gulp


“Pain, many hurt, must die, right here… Cough Cough Cough


“Look at the dweeb, maybe the cramps are catching up to him.”


“I know right, maybe dirt has some health benefits”

Meow~~~ Mew~~~

“Nah I’m good”

Is the pain worth it, nope not at all, if feeling like your skin is being shredded is a good thing, you have problems.

‘Maybe I went too harsh on you, human’


‘Nah, the humans are suspicious, I’m just seeing if they can be damaged… It’s a good thing!’

The pain is gone, I feel worse than ever, lying on the floor. Like I ate 5 pounds of dirt.’

The best thing about this is that his [Fur] could be compared to a third stage [Fur Tempering],

Each major stage or [Realm] was divided into five stages [stage 1-5], they didn’t have names. so if he could upgrade his [Fur] twice more, then he would be at the peak of the first realm, he also noticed that the weird lines, 0-10 were basically numbers.

‘If our faction could create a language like this, it would speed up the teaching process and allow us to store information so we don’t forget it, it would eliminate the need to remember if you could ‘read’ the information, I shall tell the leader.’

So as any mammal would do, he walked out the box.


“Wow, look at the dweebs [Fur]! It looks like it is in the [3rd Stage] of the [Fur Tempering]!”


“I know right, maybe dirt can aid cultivation and the absorption of mana, we might be able to advance to the [1st Stage] of [Claw Tempering] with this!”


“No joke! we need to do this before the others find out!”



15 minutes later


“IT’S BITTER! CoughCoughCough




“I think the bitterness is calming down, wait… I BROKE THROUGH???”


“I know right… wait WHAT!”


“New evolution here I come!”

----- [Leader]


“You sat they ate dirt and one of them broke through, a special evolution at that?”


“Yes leader, one of them achieved the prerequisite for the special evolution of [Earthly Dire Cat]”


“What gave them this idea of eating dirt?”


“It seems they got it from your son, the on-”


"No need, I already know who it is.


Chapter 3- Fear My Math!

A very shiny cat was sleeping, and at the moment, was especially tired.

“This is too much.”

He was minding his own business, when two [Claw Tempering] cats came up to him, calling him,


“Young master! Please give us your widom!”


“Young master! Your fur is so shiny, please teach me your techniques!”

These dirt-eaters were asking for his wisdom!

what even is that?! Maybe I’m so smart that they had to make a word just for me,

“Am I shameless? Naa…”

He worked up the courage to open his eyes, and looked as his stats, it was a useful skill, as he continually was able to see, the exact same information.


Level-1 1/10






Skills- [Flame of Conversion Lv. 1 0/5- Converts mana into biomass, with a multiplier that of its level.]



[Note- More will be unlocked at a later date]

[Review- A smarter-than-average, shiny dweeb]

If only it want so good at what it did? tsk, if only he had chilled out and not flexed his intelligence on the general population.

He was slightly concerned, his human toy hadn’t shown up lately to the store, so he couldn’t stock up on biomass.

“A shame, a shame”

He thought for a moment, every 7 day-night cycles, a man with a carriage could show up with supplies to drop off at that place, he could just hold them at claw-point and they could be forced to hand it over,

“Ya, its all coming together, hehehe”

A mischievous grin apearer on his feline face. This will be exciting, but first, more biomass. Overtime him with his big brain, whatever that was, decifered the language of gods and found a way to use it in the physical world, which was a lot more useful than it seemed.

For example, he forgot his name, wait, that’s actually kind of a problem. He wracked his brain, what was the sequence of sounds?



Was that the one? It was the only thing his parents called him by. So it must be right, since as the wielder of the language of gods, he was always correct.

Later in the day, while planning his heist, a true demon showed up. Mother.


“Fai-Son, your mother has been very worried about you, your father said that you found the secret to unlocking the [Earthly Dire Cat] evolution”


“Actually, I didn’t the~”


“Tsk, I knew it, your fathers intelligence was inherited by you”

Mother just complemented father, green flag.

I am relationship master.

Mother immediately left, not a care in the world, probably went to visit a brother or something.

Though a thought hit his mind,

"Do I need the mana pills and nutrient pills, like he could just absorb natural ma-’

“Wait, then I’d have to work, NAA, focusing for a few hours seems waaaayyy harder then robbing a heavily guarded wooden cart, I truly have fathers intelligence, everyone wants a piece!”

After prepping for the heist, he decided to show the community his megamind skills, using the 1+1=2 trick.


“So your saying that shiny dweeb can speak the language of gods, and taught you?! Did you eat too many sardines again?”


“I speak facts! Shiny dweeb drew two lines in the ground, assigned values and put them together for another value, this will change our very societies way of working!”


“Are you sure it will change things that much? I mean like carving speech into the ground doesn’t make sense.”


“But it does! you see, we can re listen to a persons speech without them being there! Isn’t that amazing, wait shh… here he comes!”

Wasn’t he such a a refined gentleman, knowing math, even the bravest of souls couldn’t contend against its elegance.

On another note, attention is bad, the nights are cold, his mental state was deterio- never mind, he was cold at night, and none like that. So before he did the robbery, he would steal a comfortable sleeping object, preferable one with dead preys hair inside it, apparently they were a new ‘trend’, what it was, he had no idea, he heard it from the aunts gossip. It was more of a babble, as one said a vaguely meowful character while hugging a pillow.

He started to find an aunts house, it was midday, so they were most likely around gossiping about ‘trending’ objects, it vaguely reminded him of his mother, huh.

As he comfortably strolled throuought the bushes. At a leisuly pace, just chilling throuought the town, then he spotted his prey.

It was an old auntie, drinking flavored water, called tttteeeaa, it tasted bitter, but with his posh abilities, he entered the tea craze. Acting as a housecat is thought though, even more so when the owner doesn’t have a cat, but still, the old auntie didn’t mind, maybe she thought he was her son, that’s actually kind of sad.

Don’t worry auntie, you shall achieve enlightenment soon, when our clan takes over!

As he took the pillow, he couldn’t help but feel a little empty, sigh, he forgot to take the tea with him.

Whats has been done will be repeated, and that’s why his father had 69 children. He didn’t make the tale, it was pure facts.

As he returned home with the new bedding, he saw the dirt eaters building new structures, they mimicked human homes, but they were smaller and cozier.

He didn’t have enough sleep to care, he only got 28 hou-, wait that’s not how numbers work?!

Was he slipping, NAA, he was emotionally unstable. but that won’t stop him from stealing orphans hard earned cash. We should get some of those.



Level-1 1/10






Skills- [Flame of Conversion Lv. 1 0/5- Converts mana into biomass, with a multiplier that of its level.]



[Note- More will be unlocked at a later date]

[Review- A smarter-than-average, shiny dweeb, with an orphan-robbing complex]

The Story ends at chapter three and I haven’t posted any more than that.

Warmonger, Hive Wars

Sypnopsis- In the first layer of the dungeon, there lies a war, in plain sight, the hive wars.

Most do not ask what they don’t know, but here is your unasked questions answered!

The hive wars is a war on the very first layer of the dungeon, while insignificant to most, the hive wars is the most cruel battlefield there is, demons would shrivel up in fear in the same conditions.

As the hives are created, the turf war starts, from kamikaze strikes, to making explosive warriors, the queens are equipt to risk it all for one more meter of land.

But who is reckless enough to do such a thing.


Little known, but the furioucity of bees only comes out with an abundance of manager, increasing to a tennis balls size, it is your worst nightmare, don’t even try to deny it.

The queens have the abilities to alter every passing generation, slowly increasing in effectiveness.

Some gained fins, others spikes, some even ding dong ditched the skies and became ants.
or at least something like that.

This is the legend of the one and only, trash gen 1 warrior there ever was!

I present to you, trash!

Cough “Warmonger!”

Read it in the link, no way im c/p 9k words

Link to Feline - Read Feline Cultivation - Abacus_extreme - Webnovel
Link to Warmonger, Hive Wars - (Read Warmonger, Hive Wars - Abacus_extreme - Webnovel)

The proudest thing-


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