Humans were the good guys (Avatar)

The humans from Avatar were the good guys.

Do you guys agree or think something else?
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I somewhat agree with you at some point. I really do.

some of the reasons of the video can be used to prove that the martians of the “war of the worlds” novel are the good guys…think about it.

While I do agree with parts of this, the idea that the humans were the good guys is probably too generous. Yes, their actions could be justified, but they weren’t heroes, they were just fighting for self-preservation.


Exactly. The video shows some excusing parts that cast some shades of gray, and he uses that to immediately go full ‘humans are perfect paragons of purity while the Na’vi are simply put savage superhitlers’

In fact, there were no good side, since when humans first encountered the Na’vi, they attacked humans. Since they found it troubling that ones of their own died at their hands, some of them decided to fight back, becoming just as worse. Then, it turned into a war. This war could probably have been prevented if humans stayed away from them or even forgave them to study/observe them and finally agree with peace. Too bad… .
EDIT : Even though I said that I agreed with you, I now only partially agree because I understand why they attacked the Na’vi tribes, but they still waged war against them.