(Xeno) #1

Who is Very hyped for the development of thrive because im not sure if my excitement is normal or not.

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #2

Its normal

(Xeno) #3

okay because i normally shouldn’t be this hyped for a game that has made 10% of their final progress

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #4

I think its less

(Xeno) #5

to be honest in my opinion once they get Microbe and Multicelluar out of the way and aware is complete than the rest of the game would just be based on aware and faster completed


That’s the most optimism I’ve seen all month.

We need actual developers who are hyped about the game and excited to contribute.

From the society stage onwards the game will be completely different with the move to an RTS view.

(Xeno) #7

cool As i said i’m very excited i’m right now reading the research and inventions list for the 7th time

(Xeno) #8

also cool profile pic

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #9

Duble poust
edit u cant poust 2 times

(Xeno) #10

Well i better start learning programming then.

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #11

No double posting!
Edit:Read this https://community.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/guidelines

(OrganismOverlord) #13


He spelled correctly for once (No offence)

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #14

I went on google to correct me :wink:

(OrganismOverlord) #15

Nice. Gjob.