I can't download it!

I’d really like to play Thrive, but I can’t download it. It reaches till 70 MB and stops. A message appears that says: Failed_Network. And when I put: Continue, it says: Error_Prohibited.
What’s happening?

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It may be due to a firewall, or maybe you’re not an administrator. Maybe. Perhaps.

Github likes to IP ban people, im thinking it may be wise for us to offer different mirrors to download form for the next release.

As the download reached 70 MB I highly doubt that this is it because then the download would not start at all. Instead I think this person has an unstable connection that caused the error download to be interrupted (and then maybe the reconnect was restricted).

It’s going to cost money to have good download links. Or did you mean uploading to something like mega or mediafire where the user has to go there with a Web browser to download it?

Where are you downloading it from? Are you using your Web browser or did you manage to download the launcher?

Yes I meant uploading it to mediafire or Dropbox or something.

On a tight budget i see :money_mouth_face:

Well tbf, the entirety of Thrive works on donations and volunteers. The sites and forums and the like are hosted by people who have to pay for the hosting themselves. (which I think is the only part of Thrive that actively costs money instead of time and effort) This, combined with the fact that Thrive is donation-less, means that, yes, the Thrive devs are on a tight budget.

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I kinda knew this already, but couldn’t pass up the joke (sorry if i offended anyone)

I’m using my Web browser, Google Chrome.

I COULD DOWNLOAD IT! Finally I could!
I used the launcher, and after three tries, it downloaded.
Thanks to all that have answered.