I cant wait!

I have only just joined but I am so excited to help in anyway possible even though I cannot code I will be sure to try and help wih whatever ideas I can come up with. I feel thrive will be one of the bes games I will ever have seen. And before I start brainstorming about different ideas I hope
some people can help me undersand whats happened whats already been planned and what needs work! Thankyou if you have read till the end of this post. :blush:


Welcome Sand! Hope you don’t mind, I moved this to the introductions section.

Glad to see you are happy to lend ideas! Most of us on here (or at least, as far as I can tell) are like you, with minimal coding skill or time to use it, but with a plethora of ideas, so you’ll fit right in! It’s always nice to see new members.

Always good to see the community grow! Welcome to the forums!

sorry i didnt know what to put as the flair :sweat_smile:

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Make sure to be realistic when making suggestions. There are a lot of unrealistic wish lists on this forum already, so I suggest that you avoid adding to that.
Don’t ask for underwater civilizations. The devs have already said no many times.

Sorry if this comes across as too blunt, but I just think this is something that is important to inform new members of.

As to underwater civilizations (and subsequently, sentient plants), they have not outright rejected them but unless someone can prove, math and all, that they can exist they won’t add them (at least, that’s what hhyyrylainen said).

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