I have been around for two months, sorry for the late introduction

Name : TheForumGameMaster
Interests: speculative biology, tetrapods, aliens, thrive, science in general, history, chess, video games(particularly strategy games, since I take advantage)
Religious? - somewhat
Talents : Piano, math(I knew a little trigonometry, slope, and functions in 5th grade, but suprisingly, it took me a while to really get prealgebra(or middle school algebra)) biology(beat a 1200 while rated 580)
Likes: All the interests
Dislikes: Evil things


But what about an interest in evil things…

Anyway belated welcome!

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don’t apologize for a late introduction, I’ve been around for nine months, and I still haven’t made an introduction!


I’ve been around for 4 years and you won’t find any introductions from me

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me too, and i only started posting nearly 5 months in lol

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I’ve been around for a while and never made an introduction either!

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Me neither!
(Char fill)
I’m doing this on mobile so I didn’t know it’s been a month!

It shows when the post happened in the top right of the post on mobile - idk if it’s the same for computer or not.


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