I have played v, a few thing need to improve

I have played v, a few thing need to improve.
1, need a option menu , font need to set larger,It is small to me, but every one have different feeling so there shuld have a UI font setting
2,do the game support 2 Byte language? chinese, japanese esc. (The english in this game is hard to understand ) Can I find a file to replace the words or wait?
3,right down corner show the element I gain but what do they do. I wish while put the mouse on the element to have a simple intro to introduce them or player need times to guess .
4,the area isn’t dens enough , wish to have improvement.
5,the goal is to reach a number of population. but the population number is too fake and can’t feel alive.
6,only die to get a chance to change a new environment?
7,the flagellum is too odd and isn’t follow the water wave or the body movement. 100% need to redo.
8,the editor system have 2 problem,
one is if you place a cell on a place already have a cell It will directly replace it and can’t regret , is it bugs or idea of evolve can’t go back?
two is I don’t know which cell represent which function. if you have the Icon for the editor UI,why not put it in the Hexagon cell.

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Checked this relevant dev forum thread, I don’t think font scale has been mentioned but it should be added as another option.

There isn’t a file that contains all the game words yet. Text is instead stored in the individual script files, as translating the game has not been a high-priority task.

I believe there is a short tutorial that tells you to collect glucose for ATP, and ammonia/phosphate to reproduce. The rest of the compounds are explained in the help menu and the editor (when selecting the relevant organelles)

I agree that there should be more objects in the environment - currently there are only the living cells and three particle types - Iron, Ice, and occasionally floating cell parts. Marine snow, biological matter from higher sea levels, is a popular idea.
Slow movement physics can also be the cause of this empty feeling.

I see your point. Population only changes by multiples of ten, whenever you die or reproduce. More complex population dynamics, which change population by more factors, will probably solve this.

The next update, 0.4.2, will add a formal biome system, allowing for different environments with different species that the player can choose to go to. They will all have different climate conditions.
Currently, the different backgrounds are just visuals. Them switching when you die is just so the game feels more diverse, but not actually changing the ecosystem.

Figuring out movement has been a problem since the beginning. And due to the diversity in cell shapes, it’s quite hard to get right.

Organelles replacing each other is intended as a convenience, deleting the original organelle and replacing it with a new one. The editor should have an undo button if you regret your choices.

The next update will feature a graphical engine upgrade, which will finally fix the greyed-out cells in the editor.

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Font scaling is a difficult thing to support with our current GUI tech.
I’d like to see the GUI made to automatically fit many sizes by not using pixel based sizing and positioning.

What tutorial are you referring to? Any help in the current version is placed under the help menu.

The replacement is only with cytoplasm. And there is a bug with the undo:

All the text is utf8 so it supports any language. However, the font we are using might be problematic and need a fallback.
There is no support in the game for translations currently. Only way to translate right now is to edit the html file with the GUI and change the text there.

Anyone think out any new questions?